InPhO Topic Explorer

The InPhO-TE is a way to interactively explore and interpret document collections, try it below!

InPhO-TE Demo Video with HTRC-1315 Corpus


While topic models are complex, they don't have to be complicated! Our two-step install process and flexible workflow asks you what you want to do and guides you to the next step of exploration and interpretation.


InPhO-TE was designed for personal computing. Your data can stay on your own machine - Mac, Windows, or Linux - right under your fingertips.


While designed for personal computing, InPhO-TE can easily deploy to the cloud for greater computing power for training and to serve the resulting models, like the ones on this site.


The permissive MIT License means that you can use InPhO-TE however you like. All source code is available on GitHub and all related projects are unrestricted.

Getting Started


  1. Install Anaconda Python 2.7
  2. Open a Terminal and type: pip install topicexplorer


  1. topicexplorer init /path/to/corpus
  2. topicexplorer prep /path/to/corpus
  3. topicexplorer train /path/to/corpus
  4. topicexplorer launch /path/to/corpus


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E-mail the InPhO-TE Team

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Mailing Lists

There are three InPhO-TE mailing lists:

  • announce — for release and workshop announcements only
  • users — for open discussion of software usage (great place to get community help!)
  • beta — for users of the beta releases


Murdock, Jaimie and Allen, Colin. "Visualization Techniques for Topic Model Checking" AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2015. Available at:

  • Jaimie Murdock — lead developer
  • Colin Allen — director, InPhO Project
  • Robert Rose — vsm lead development
  • Doori Li — vsm testing and documentation
  • Jun Otsuka — vsm development
  • Adithya Nagaraj Tirumale — clustering
  • Jessie Pusateri — progress bars
  • Lorander Saggu — benchmarks


  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • HathiTrust Research Center
  • IU Office of Vice Provost for Research